BTC February Forecast: Watch for Potential Pullbac

BNB BTC ETH for 2024-02-05 81


In February, if BTC fails to break through 43400, there is a strong possibility of a significant pullback, with the initial target for the pullback potentially being around the previous low of 38000. This suggests that the current trend should be approached with a bearish mindset unless there is a recent breakthrough and a firm stance above 43400 before making any adjustments. If ETH follows suit with a potential adjustment, the target could be around 1984, while the current resistance is likely around 2350. BNB's resistance is currently at 307, and in the event of a pullback, expectations could be around 280. SOL, on the other hand, remains relatively strong, with attention potentially shifting to around 80 in the case of a pullback. On the other hand, ORDI is showing weakness, and a pullback to 42 is expected. This complex and dynamic market environment requires careful attention and analysis.