Before you turn 40, understand the three iron laws

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Before you turn 40, you need to understand the three iron laws of human nature1. You walk in the aisle of the train with a bowl of instant noodles, you say let go, no one cares.You say let go, be careful of scalding, everyone let go.Remember, if you want others to produce a certain behavior, you have to bind it with their interests.-1. My brother asked me to buy him an ice cream, I said after buying it, give my brother a bite, he said yes. After I bought it, I said to give my brother a bite, he ran away with the ice cream.I said you give my brother a bite, and my brother will buy you a bag of jelly later. He ran over happily and said, brother, you eat.Others will not be grateful for your past kindness, but they will nod and bow to you because you have what they want in the future.-1. The essence of the relationship between people is only one kind, that is, the mutual use of tools.You play with your phone all day long, because the phone has the value of being used by you. The mp3 that can't be used by you, you threw it away early.The master pondered day and night how to be used by others for a long time, you are afraid of others using you, this is too ridiculous.