The Nature of Unemployment Among Young People Toda

NATURE PEOPLE the 2024-01-29 42


The nature of youth unemployment has shifted significantly compared to the past. Two decades ago, young people who were jobless were genuinely unable to find employment, despite their efforts to seek work. In contrast, today's unemployed youth may struggle to find the specific job they desire, but their families often have enough financial resources to support them as they pursue their aspirations and search for a fulfilling career.

In essence, the current scenario often involves financially secure young individuals who are unable to find suitable employment. Those without financial security, who may want to spend their time idly at home, do not have the luxury to do so. Regarding rural youth, the notion of idleness due to lack of opportunities is a misconception, as those who have experienced rural life firsthand know that their parents work hard in agriculture and would not tolerate idleness.

It is important to recognize that those who can afford to stay at home without work are often financially well-off, while those who struggle to find work that they like face a different set of challenges.