Financial Spring: The Bull Market Revival

BULL the 2024-01-30 40


The bull market is in full swing and the crypto world is abuzz with activity. As thousands of pear trees suddenly burst into bloom, a similar sense of new life has been injected into the crypto circle. However, with a constant amount of funds available, any sudden increases in value can only be attributed to sector rotation.

As someone who holds SOL and BNB, while others hold ETH, we have all seen some growth in our investments. It seems that the world of inscriptions has reached a critical point.

In the first echelon, Ordi and Sats have both seen gains. In the second echelon, BTC and Insc have also begun to show their strength. Meanwhile, the third layer of IP inscriptions have all experienced various degrees of braking and adjustment within their respective sectors.

Of all the BRC20 strong IP inscriptions, I only recognize Ordi, Sats, BTC, and Insc. Their names are rare and valuable due to the capital's preference for this kind of strong IP. For example, Ordi made it to Binance with his own name, while Sats, with its connection to the concept of Satoshi, was favored by Unisats and ultimately pushed up by major platforms. These select inscriptions truly are one in a million.