Disappointed in the Bull Market

BULL IN the 2024-02-04 96


The disappointed ones in the bull marketThere is a kind of people in the crypto circle, who have survived 94 and 312, and their contract skills are achieved by countless bones! They make a living by trading, and support their families by trading. They are called the old leeks who have been through many battles.The time came to March 13, 2020, when Bitcoin fell from the high point of nearly 20,000 US dollars in the last bull market to 3,800 US dollars.On this day, the bullish army was all wiped out.Although the bearish army was still alive, no one would open a short position at this time. Because it fell too hard.But from this point of view3,800 US dollars doubled to 7,000 US dollars in a monthIt doubled again to 10,000 US dollars in two monthsUnder the spread of the epidemic, it doubled in two months. At this time, most of the bullish army who profited at the low point closed their positions and withdrew.But many of the bearish army had already suppressed their excitement and prepared to make another move.They thought that even if the market was going to rise again, it had to smash hard at least once, such as from 10,000 US dollars to 5,000 US dollars, to wash the people who profited from this wave and then talk.As a result, Bitcoin started to rise againIn five months, Bitcoin rose from 3,800 US dollars to 12,500 US dollars and did not stop, and directly soared.In less than a year, Bitcoin rose from 12,500 US dollars to 20,000 US dollars, 30,000 US dollars, 40,000 US dollars, 50,000 US dollars, 60,000 US dollars, and did not stop once, and directly soared.My bearish friends, in order not to burst their positions, added a lot of margin over and over again, and finally put all their money on it. Even the loans they could borrow were borrowed to increase the margin.But they still couldn't hold the big rise of the bull market.The old leeks of the bearish army basically burst their positions and died.And my friends, they have long disappeared in the amazing market waves of these years.$pyth