BTC reminds to go long near 42700 ETH's focus on b

BNB BTC ETH GO 2024-02-04 48


BTC gave a reminder to go long near 42700 yesterday. The current trend is as expected, the bullish trend remains unchanged, and the range between 43900 and 41800 is seen as a 2000-point retracement. There might be new highs in the future. The weekend's volatility may be limited, and attention is on whether 44000 can be broken through. The market may turn around on Monday, with 45300 in sight.For ETH, attention is on the breakthrough of 2350, with 2430 expected after the breakthrough. BNB is showing a relatively weak performance. If it can follow BTC and ETH upward, mid-term attention can be on around 321. SOL has a strong trend, and the upward trend remains unchanged. Mid-term attention is on 112. ORDI has been relatively weak recently, with key resistance at 64. After a breakthrough, further upside can be expected. ICP showed overall strength today, with some pressure at 13.7. If it can break through, 15 is possible.BTC reminds to go long near 42700