The Real Bottom of the Bear Market in the Coin Cir

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The true bottom of the bear market in the coin circle is characterized by a number of indicators that signal a significant turning point in market sentiment and investment activity. These indicators include:

1. Mass exodus of retail investors as they are forced to sell off their holdings at rock-bottom prices.

2. Leverage institutions facing liquidation as their high-risk trading strategies backfire in the declining market.

3. Plummeting coin prices leading to the shutdown of a large number of mining operations, as the cost of production exceeds the value of the coin.

4. Widespread underestimation of the value of certain coins, resulting in the collapse of overvalued speculative tokens.

5. Declining interest in virtual coins as mainstream attention shifts away from the cryptocurrency market.

6. The spread of rumors and panic among remaining investors, leading to a sense of numbness and hopelessness in the market.

7. Depleted funds of retail investors, leaving them without the financial resources to capitalize on potential market recovery.

These characteristics collectively signify a bottoming out of the market and may present a strategic opportunity for long-term investors to accumulate undervalued assets.